The “A” Team

This morning President Obama is starting his final day of a historic trip to Cuba. He’s making a big speech to the Cuban people that will no doubt be semi-buried under news about the latest terror attack in Belgium.

Maybe it’s better that the visit gets scant further coverage because Obama’s team has seemingly been suckered into one propaganda photo-op after another.  Here’s Obama standing at attention in front of a gigantic image of Che Guevara, the marxist revolutionary who ordered the executions of hundreds of Cuban political prisoners without trial.


Then there’s Raul Castro grabbing Obama’s wrist and raising it into the air as if he’s showing off the big fish he just reeled in;  yeah- that’s some trophy. (The video of this moment is ten times more humiliating.)


I’m sorry folks, but this is what advance teams are for..and Obama obviously needs to give a talk to his. (Advance Teams actually visit months ahead of the President and supposedly discuss, schedule and approve every single facet of an impending trip.)

The President of the United States does not – should not- allow himself to be used as a prop for some other country’s benefit. And as far as the whole wrist grabbing incident, you think Raul would have tried that with the queen? or the pope? or Ronald Reagan? or… hang with me here..Donald Trump?






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