When it comes to toothbrushes- I’m pro-choice!

My daughter and I made a quick trip into the Walgreens near her college to pick up a few last minute items the other day.  Her list happened to include a new toothbrush. “I’m going to look for one too” I thought because I cannot seem to find a good, old fashioned, hard toothbrush anywhere these days, and I was starting to panic over it.  I’m not sure if they’re just unpopular or if President Obama issued an executive action to ban them, but when I saw a whole row at the way bottom of the display I felt my heart leap with joy! I considered taking the entire rack and storing them with the incandescent lightbulbs I’m hoarding, but we did the right thing and left some for others.

I know, I know..Hard toothbrushes are the bad boys of mouth care.  Dentists don’t recommend them, they are bad for your gums blah, blah, blah..I’ve heard it all and I still want ’em. If people can choose to ride bikes without helmets, then by golly I should be able to choose whatever tools I prefer to brush my teeth!

I have tried an automatic brush and all different kinds of soft and medium brushes and frankly, when I use them my teeth feel like they are constantly coated in a layer of fur. I can’t stand it! I simply must have those rough bristles- the tougher, the better.


So yeah, my teeth are smooth as glass as I write this, and I’m so very grateful for that.

Next week we’ll drill down into another highly controversial, personal care topic- Q-tips! 





    • HA! That would be nice- frankly if they just kept me flush with my favorite brush I’d be happy! Thank-you by the way for re-tweeting my “dirt” 😉 and your sweet comments..that was really kind of you. 💜

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    • seriously? ..oh no. The only reason I think I haven’t done damage is that I really don’t brush for very long..as compared to my husband who goes on for hours with that automatic thing. I’d do the soft brush but I just cannot get that fuzz off my teeth and it drives me nutso..off the wall. 😫


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