Have you heard of this word?



“insensitive questions and comments that leave you feeling a bit uneasy or slighted.”
(as defined by State Department chief diversity officer John Robinson) 

Included among potential intentional or unintentional micro-aggressive comments  are:

-Wishing Merry Christmas to those who may not be Christian

-Describing America as a “melting pot” (it orders people to assimilate)

-Stating that “there is only one race, the human race” (denying the significance of a person’s ethnic or racial history)

-Using forms where individuals must identify as male or female (it excludes the full LGBT experience)

Micro-aggression is a huge area of concern these days on college campuses as professors rush to protect the feelings of their students.  Now the State Department is stepping up its efforts to manage and preserve its employees’ emotions as well. “Severe or pervasive microaggressions based on protected Equal Employment Opportunity categories may rise to the level of harassment under certain circumstances,” Robinson warned.

Referring to Americans as “Americans”

asking someone where they are from

saying “the most qualified person should get the job”

or announcing that “America is a land of opportunity”

are all common examples of “micro-aggressions” in academia and will no doubt soon be punishable offenses at the work place.”

Hey, this installment of Tuesday trivia that could save your job!

You’re welcome. 💗👍


Next week’s new word- CISCENTRISM

A pervasive and institutionalized system that places transgender people in the ‘other’ category and treats their needs and identities as less important than those of cisgender people.” A lack of gender-neutral bathrooms is considered “ciscentrism.”

The mayor of New York City just proved he is not “cisentric” by opening up ALL bathrooms in New York City to ALL humans..

Oh wait, I just said humans- that’s being micro-aggressive! (sorry) I meant all men and women.  OH NO!!! I’m sorry again, I think that’s ciscentric ..I mean open to everyone who has to “go”..

And I don’t mean “go” as in “get out!”..I mean “go” as in I gotta go..and “come on in friends” like “hey, were all enjoying the bathroom together!”..not that your experience in there is anything like mine, I know some folks have struggles in those areas …I simply mean.. like we’re one big happy family…  not in an American melting pot way..just in a potty-pot way..

And I certainly didn’t mean American as in only the US and not Mexico and Canada… 😧

OH GOSH, never mind, I’m just gonna stop while I’m still ahead here…

and no..I don’t mean ahead, like I’m ahead of you or anything.



Credit:  http://dailycaller.com, campusreform.org

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