Why I voted for Ted Cruz

Well.. I did it.

I filled out my absentee ballot and for what it’s worth, here’s the reason I voted for a guy who seems like a real jerk.


Ted Cruz speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland


Democrats have become too divisive.  I know, I know..all politicians are, but if you pay close attention to Hillary and Bernie they are constantly pandering to subsets.  These two  look at America the way my kids used to look at their dinner plate..the peas can’t touch the meat, the potatoes can’t get a drip of juice on them, the roll can’t be near anything..True, we are hardly a melting pot anymore- I get that. But this isn’t high school where membership to one group necessitates saying nasty stuff about another.

Additionally, though many are excited about the idea of a female president, I worry that it historically may not be the right time- a safe time. Sadly, the parts of the world causing the most chaos these days are run by men who feel women are second class citizens. If you remember when they went through Gaddafi’s  belongings after Libya fell, they found an album he had made full of pictures of our former secretary of state, Condi Rice.  Obviously, he had the hots for her….

Having as president someone who is not considered an equal- even before she steps off Air Force One- is a scary handicap for our country during these incredibly dangerous times.

If you look at Hillary Clinton’s actual achievements as secretary of state, the list is pretty short. The infamous misspelled wooden “re-set button” was just the first in a series of mis-steps with the now emboldened Russians…just look at the mayhem they are stirring up today. When John Kerry came onto the scene after Hillary left office,  it was hard to deny from his many urgent trips to the world’s hot spots that there was plenty she left dangling that needed to be immediately addressed. And then of course, he had to deal with her “not-gov” e-mail server problem. I don’t know what should worry us more, the fact that they found some classified information nestled in with her yoga schedules..or the fact that they didn’t find a lot more…She was after all, the secretary of state.. where’s the proof she was actually “doing” important stuff?


Yes, Mrs. C. left John Kerry quite a back-log of crises to tend to… But I’ll admit, she was a terrific good-will ambassador.


Which leaves us with Bernie Sanders who is almost 75 years old. Even if he wasn’t a resentful socialist- that alone should be disqualifying.

And then there’s Trump; a media creation. This man has gotten more free air-time than probably any candidate in history..and he’s been oh so good for ratings- the press’ bottom line. They breathed life into his campaign so they could profit from it and eventually tear it down.   Let’s hope it’s not too late. Trump is no more in his element as a politician than Carson was. He knows (cares) nothing about the job he is applying for.

Rubio isn’t ready for prime time and I can’t throw my vote away on Kasich who has no chance to catch up.

Which leaves Cruz.

This guy is the goody-two-shoes on the HS debate team who sits by himself on the bus because everyone thinks he’s a jerk. He’s critical of his team members, complains about the rules, agitates the heck out of everyone and packs a stinky ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ sandwich. No one likes him because he’s conceited and condescending.


BUT…when the competition gets fierce, everyone’s  SOO glad he’s on their side because this fellow knows his “stuff,” is fully prepared,  he’s a fierce competitor and he brings home the trophy- every single time. 

So yeah, I voted for Cruz. He’s anti-establishment and has the scars to prove it. He wants to turn DC upside down. I like that fact about him. Those old fossils Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid can’t stand him I’m sure.. and as far as I’m concerned, that’s a plus…we need to wash away the old guard anyway. (Why don’t these people ever RETIRE??)

If it comes down to Cruz and Hillary, she will try to prove she is anti-establishment, but anyone without a memory disorder will know that’s not the case. She’s not only part of the system, she is has sipped from the cup of corruption..more than a few times over many, many years in government.

Clinton IS Washington.

This wasn’t an easy choice, and I’ll be holding my nose while I pull the lever in November. But just like anything else in life..you have to play the cards you are dealt.  The good news is,  once you make up your mind- you do find some blessed relief.



.photo credit www.salon.com




    • Long story. Born and raised in WEST Germany-we took field trips to the Berlin wall. (yes, I’m that old!) Even if the choices are pretty crappy, voting is such a privilege I can’t imagine not fully exercising that right. and yes, the choices this year are whooeee, pretty crappy. 😷

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      • I’d like to see the Berlin Wall with my own eyes one day! So much history in Germany!

        Besides, although I respect every individual political choice, we could argue for days on that so called “privilege” 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s an imperfect system..no doubt. And this year we could certainly agree that the pretty side ain’t showin’. Just had a long discussion with my son- we are disagreeing on which candidate is the least worst..I told him I don’t begrudge or judge anyone’s choice, esp. this year– it is almost impossible to cast a vote right now that doesn’t lead to mild stomach upset. But not voting is voting by default..some candidates hope for, and benefit from, low voter turn-out.

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