Five Fun Facts about HRC


In one of Hillary’s first trials before a jury, she represented a canning company that had been sued by someone who claimed they found the rear end of a rat in a can. Though she won the case, she became the butt of her husband’s jokes for years over what he called her “rat’s ass” case. (Hey Bill, a win is a win.)

Hillary is really good at making money. In the early 1990s, when Bill Clinton was earning $35,000 as governor of Arkansas, Hillary was making $100,000 a year from her law firm salary and corporate board fees. (You go girl!) Even more amazing, she bought $1,000 worth of cattle futures in 1978 and whamo it earned her $100,000 in ten months; $40,000 of that in a one day short sale!  Hillary’s amazing timing was later questioned but never investigated.

While talking with public radio interviewer Terry Gross in 2004, Bill essentially defined their marital dynamic as being similar to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt who worked together in the White House but led separate lives after she learned about his affair with Lucy Mercer Rutherford. (Yeah, so that kind of explains things.)

Hillary Clinton was the only First Lady to be subpoenaed, for her involvement with the Whitewater real estate investment controversy in 1996, and deposed as part of criminal and civil investigations, including Travelgate (where 7 white house staff were fired from the travel office and replaced with Clinton friends) and Filegate (an inappropriate request for the FBI profiles of up to 900 members of previous administrations.) Yikes, she really is in a class by herself here as a former “shady first lady.”)

When Hillary Clinton encouraged White House chef Pierre Chambrin to resign in 1994, he was given $37,026 in exchange for his agreement not to discuss the Clintons or the circumstances of his dismissal. (So the French chef was asked to leave- pourquoi?  What could have possibly been so bad that they had to pay hush(puppy-haha) money for his silence? And what’s the $26 about??  Strange indeed..Oh well, as HRC would say.. “what difference at this point does it make?”)



.,Hillary and Bill Clinton

5 thoughts on “Five Fun Facts about HRC

    1. God help us. I told my husband I feel we are reaching some kind of expiration date on the framework that keeps this country functioning and intact. More upsetting than the election is the malfunctioning congress, the executive over-reaches and the constant 5-4 decisions by the Supreme Court, whose only job is to use the level of the constitution and apply it to various cases to see if things “line up.” To see these wise men and women constantly come down along political lines is truly the most troublesome sign of all. I really worry about the future for my 4 grown kids..this is a terribly fractured country. 😢

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      1. I agree. I have a feeling we may be on opposite political benches, but phew, the problems are across the board. Every decision is political and no one can even talk let alone hammer out workable compromises. I absolutely worry for my kids. I can’t imagine the world my grandson will grow up in.

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