When exactly did they move in? You know those aggressive cart people at the mall trying to apply face cream, clip on hair extensions or massage your back as you blow past them? This is not a first generation “sales force” out’s a slick, well established operation.


But who decided, lo all those years ago, that it was a good idea to re-create the mood (and tension) of a Turkish grand bazaar in the stretch between let’s say, JC Penney and the Apple Store?


What executive genius thought running through a gauntlet of remote controlled sports cars, yapping robo-dogs and potentially exploding hover boards would add to the overall mall experience and attract more shoppers?


All I know is I resent having my path blocked, my window shopping interrupted and my privacy perimeter breached.

I hate it.

Cart people drive folks like me to shop online.  The only cart on Amazon is the little one in the top right corner – the one I regularly fill with all the stuff I’m not buying at the mall.

I know, I know..I feel sorry for the cart people too. I envision them all living under one roof in a tiny house under the supervision of some modern-day, “Oliver Twisted” father figure  who keeps everyone’s passports and IDs locked away in a safe. I’m sure these kids would rather not be harassing mommies at the mall either.

But still…

If I want a bamboo pillow, a $5 Gucci belt or my initials sewn into the flap of my purse, I’ll ask-

Thank-you very much.



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    • These folks have become SO aggressive..nothing short of BUZZ OFF seems to work and I HATE being put in that position where all you can do is be super RUDE! 😶 The local mall here is SO upscale and yet STILL these cart people lay in wait..truly one of my pet peeves…and no, I don’t say buzz off… not yet at least.

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