A Stretched State

I am trying to incorporate stretches and strengthening moves into every day routines like showering, teeth brushing, checking e-mail, hair blow-drying, reading  etc.  My goal is to put a limit on, and hopefully (eventually) get rid of, the stiffness and aching that some days have me reaching for my big bottle of Advil. 😕



  1. I do stretches every day before getting out of bed every morning. I have also been on collagen for a week or so and swear even with my workouts that I am not sore. This was something that a friend read about on Trim Healthy Mama and has had great success with.

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  2. Stretching in a really calm state helps me fall asleep and empty my mind. It’s very similar to meditation or yoga in my opinion. Don’t focus so much on the exercises but on the meditative state of the exercises. Decontract your muscles as you free your mind. I find it easier to stretch before bed than in the morning. It suits the body and help me fall in a repair sleep pretty quick. The next morning feels like I just had a brand new body.

    Hope it can help you! Infinite peace and wisdom!

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    • Stretching is really a learned skill..when I first started paying attention, I realized I was actually very tense in each position- holding my breath.. because IT HURT!! Now, thanks in part to my yoga teacher, I am learning to breathe into the stretch and pay close attention to how my muscles feel. I haven’t really done much night time stretching, but I’m going to give it a try- anything for a better night’s sleep! Thanks for the tip! 👍

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      • YOU SAID IT RIGHT THERE!! It’s the sitting that’s killin’ me! My daughter works in administration at a hospital and was recently provided with a desk attachment that raises her computer so she can stand on a cushioned mat part of the day. I am starting to think that sitting is a major cause of some of my problems..sciatica being the worst. I bought a wind-up timer yesterday so I can make myself more cognizant of the time I’m at my desk. I am trying to avoid as much sitting as I can AND stretching like crazy..was doing it yesterday while in line at the store…it’s either this or a pain clinic! 😬

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      • Yeah, I fixed that problem with stretch jeans..good thing they “give” because these days I actually have to micro-wave my heating-pad and shove it in the back of my pants b/c my sciatica hurts so bad. Yes, I look like Kim Kardashian! (Of course not anywhere but the derriere)

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