God bless America



There is a video circulating online of a town meeting that was held in Spring Valley, New York. In it, an agitated resident walks up to the mike and accuses the mayor, Demeza Delhomme, of having an affair with his wife.  Yelling erupts and continues for quite some time as the bombastic mayor, who once declared himself “the king of the village,” tries to shut his detractors down while (strangely) recording the entire event on his i-phone.


The meeting devolves into chaos, most of it very difficult to understand due to heavy accents. Accusations of corruption and abuse of power are hurled into the already volatile exchanges.

The video, about twenty minutes long, is a unique window into the rapidly changing cultural landscape of America.  When the press laments the inability of congress to “get things done” we would do well to remember that senators and congressmen are sent to DC to represent constituencies, like this one in Spring Valley, that increasingly have very little in common with other constituencies across the country.

To those who claim there are two Americas I say there are in fact hundreds.  At this point you’d be hard pressed to prove we are “one nation” in any way, shape or form- don’t even get me started with “under God, indivisible” or any of the rest..

Little wonder then that Washington is functioning more and more like the United Nations; an over-funded, impotent gathering of leaders representing disparate and competing factions that share very few similar concerns, norms, beliefs, goals or even language.

Meanwhile the race for president continues..with Donald Trump giving loud speeches to large audiences pledging to “make America great again” while Hillary sprints from one special interest group to the next promising to take care of absolutely everyone’s diverse, unique and countervailing needs.








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