“You’re good.”


When I moved to the US at the age of 16, one of the things that took some getting used to was how friendly strangers would be. The cashier, the taxi driver, everyone kept asking “How are you?” Of course I figured out over time that most questioners really didn’t want a full on, long winded, honest answer – especially at let’s say, a busy  Burger King …

“Oh, thanks for asking, I’m doing well except for some lingering sinus congestion and that C- I got on my chemistry exam and…”


“How are you?” was less a question and more of an extended greeting- but still, I liked it..I thought it was sweet.

When I moved to North Carolina a few months ago at the age of 53, one of the things that took some getting used to AGAIN..was how friendly strangers could be. “You’re good” is a term I hear at least five times a day- and I’m also really starting to like it. Never before have I been reassured about my state of “goodness” as much as I have been in Charlotte.

“You’re good” is the encouragement you hear if you are ever concerned about being in someone’s way, sitting in the wrong seat, wondering who’s next in line, where to put your bag or asking if something’s OK. It’s just one more charming attribute of Southerners that has endeared them so to me.

The entire concept of “you’re good” got me thinking…

Couldn’t we all benefit from the sense that “we’re good;” that we’re fine and safe and positionally where we should be today?  You can’t clearly forge ahead with plans for tomorrow if you’re situationally unsure of where you are today. Knowing where we are  at this present moment gives us the ability to chart the course ahead. Even if things are hard personally or professionally right now..you can still be “good” if you know you are taking steps down the path you’ve laid out for yourself.

As I surveyed our town home that was completely torn asunder last week, I had to keep telling myself that we were still “good” and almost nearing completion with our downstairs remodeling. When life gets chaotic it takes some reminding that all things are working together towards a desired outcome. Below is a photo of the one room I can say is completely finished except for maybe a picture on the wall. This is our downstairs powder room that for some reason had a shower in it.  We turned the shower into a much needed closet, painted the walls, bought new fixtures, the barn door and of course laid new flooring.

TP basket- Pottery Barn, Mirror- Ashley Furniture-lighting, barn door- Home Depot, new faucet..I forget where I got that..online somewhere.



So… when it comes to our downstairs bathroom…“YA’LL…WE’RE (finally) GOOD!”




photo credit www.fool.com




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