“Nose blind”


There’s this great ad on TV for Febreze air freshener where they pose this simple question,

“Have you gone nose blind?”

I’m sure the whole idea is to make you the consumer paranoid about the possibility that your house smells like rotting fish, wet dog or cat litter and that you, my friend, simply don’t know it!

This idea of having a blind spot really resonated with me yesterday after I heard the Pope criticize “people” (Americans) who build walls to keep other people out.

I am 100% sure this smart and wonderful man knows that his residence, situated within the confines of the world’s smallest, independent city state, is surrounded by a rather humungous, tall, thick and hard to ignore wall.

Maybe he’s just become “nose blind” to it.


Not only is he surrounded by this massive physical structure, he is also continuously under the protection of the elite swiss guard,


the Rome police forcerome-police-620x413

and of course his own security detail


…as he should be!

I’m not a Catholic, but I think the Pope is a very nice guy. Β He doesn’t live behind walls guarded by police and secret service and swiss guards because he hates people, it’s for his own personal safety and so that the vatican can function in an orderly fashion.

It’s kind of the same way with countries that have walls, borders and guards..they need to be able to function in an orderly fashion as well.

US - Mexican Border
Wall at the US/Mexican border
Vatican wall


No one likes it when order breaks down..



Nope, not even the Pope.







  1. I DON’T AGREE !!! Maybe you should visit the historical site before you say something like this… also he did not do it, it has been that way for decades. He does not agree with all the wealth. He sleeps in a simple room. Not his palace. He does not believe in it.. This is all just pumped up press.. And you should know that….

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    • Hey Lenore! 😊 Please don’t misunderstand me, I really do like the pope, I do. My point is we ALL have to be careful when we oversimplify issues like walls, and borders and security. I don’t for one minute doubt the pope’s heart for the poor, but because he is who he is..he needs order and security ( and yes, even that wall) around him. Doesn’t change him as a person- it’s just a part of his life as pope. -I don’t think less of him because he has all that protection- the man needs it. I also don’t think less of people who want border protection for our own country- It doesn’t mean they are bad people or hate the poor, or don’t love others..they just want an orderly process. I also certainly realize the pope didn’t build the wall around Vatican City, but I’m sure they are all glad it’s there-esp during the height of tourist season! 😜 ..and now I’m off again to my home away from home..HOME DEPOT! 😐


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