The Keys to a Happy Marriage ❤️

Not to oversimplify, but food is no small part of a great relationship..whether it’s chocolate given as a gift at just the right moment (YES, chocolate is FOOD!)..or a meal made with love for Valentine’s Day. (see yesterday’s post)

chirs' dinner
My son made this beautiful dinner for his sweet wife last night  😊


Flexibility is also absolutely essential in any successful union.. in my husband and I were going to go to Savannah for a Valentine’s week-end get-away, but because our flooring arrived early we cancelled the trip so we could finish up the projects that needed to get done prior to hauling the stacks of  old wood away in a rental truck.  I bet there’s a country song about that.. the county dump is very romantic…. ❤️

..yes, I’m kidding.


So the townhouse beat out the Pink House..

front door

One of our all-time favorite restaurants


And lets just say our Valentine’s week-end was more “fifty sheets of wood”

than “fifty shades of grey.”


Oh well…

As the Dos Equis man might say..”Stay flexible my friends.”





    • OHHH, Don’t give me too much credit..My installer cancelled on me this morning because the forecast looked bad for this afternoon and he didn’t want to “set up all his stuff just to have to leave early…” It started to sleet here at 4pm…😡 All that ‘go with the flow’ is flowing right out of here…


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