Why 10,000 Steps?


Part of my new fitness routine includes walking 10,000 steps every other day.  As I have previously shared..this is no easy feat. So I started to wonder, what’s the deal –

why 10,000 steps?

  1. Pedometers sold in Japan in the 1960s instructed users to try and walk 10,000 steps a day…yes, you read that right..the 1960s! 😱 10,000 steps took hold as the number to try and reach- Fitbit promotes the same number today.
  2. Health effects-One study found that women who increased their step count to nearly 10,000 steps a day reduced their blood pressure after 24 weeks. Another study of overweight women found that walking 10,000 steps a day improved their glucose levels.
  3. To meet the CDC’s recommendation for 150 minutes of moderate activity a week, you need to walk about 7,000 to 8,000 steps a day.
  4. If you normally walk about 5,000 steps a day, getting in an extra 30-minute, brisk walk into your day would take you to about 8,000 steps.
  5. The average U.S. adult walks about 5,900 steps daily.

So how do I get to 10,000 steps?

A. There must be at least one fast paced, decently long walk in there. Nothing crazy, but it must land somewhere between 3 and 4,000 steps. It is pretty close to impossible to reach 10,000 steps without a dedicated walk unless your job has you on your feet all day.

B. I park out in the middle of nowhere. See picture below..this was where I parked at Costco yesterday.. so yeah.



Ditto for the grocery store and when I went to Walgreens I parked in an entirely different lot in front of a restaurant. To make up for the time spent walking..I speed it all up, walking at a very fast pace.

C. Sometimes you gotta do some crazy stuff. Once, when I knew I needed extra steps, I unloaded the groceries into the house pretty much one bag at a time. Did it all take longer? Yes, but again..I walked at a very quick pace.

So that’s the low down on 10,000 steps. If you don’t have the free app on your phone- give it a try.  If nothing else, it will give you an idea of how active your day is.








.Information from: livescience.com


2 thoughts on “Why 10,000 Steps?

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who invents ridiculous schemes to get in her daily 10,000 steps! It may be a slightly silly obsession, but we’ll be healthier for it. 🙂

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