Luscious Lips



Much ado has been made over the XL lips that belong to the youngest of the Jenner girls.   It seems fairly obvious that the teen had them filled, but what really makes them stand out are her (often outrageous) lipstick color choices..especially now that she is selling her own line.

I’m over fifty, and prone to hives, so you’ll have to give me a pass for not lovin’ that swollen, bee-sting, puffy kisser look. Heck, I used to get that naturally if I ate too many strawberries-  it drove me nuts!

Using color on the other hand is something I’m trying to embrace.

My poor lips have been so dry up here (thanks to the heater) that I have really gone out of my way to pamper my pout. For starters, I try to include my lips in my morning routine by giving them a few passes with an exfoliating sponge; this keeps the peeling down to a minimum. I also don’t ignore them anymore when it comes to applying face cream. Top that off with plenty of chapstick during the day AND I have started using lipstick which, like perfume, is an extra touch that makes me feel “put together.”

You don’t need to be a Kardashian, see a surgeon, or pay obscene amounts of money to have fabulous lips….

just don’t ignore them.

Exhibit A- My daughter!





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