Walking away from it all..


The other day I read the most disturbing article. Seems a man in Chicago, in jail on pending murder charges, just took the oath of office as a local councilman…yes, he was administered the oath while in the slammer. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he will also be receiving over $40,000/year for this part-time position – even while in detention.

It is exactly this degree of nonsense that has created conditions favorable for Donald Trump. We read crazy stories about government gone wild and have fantasies of Mr. “You’re fired” turning over the tables in Washington and everywhere else.

But government isn’t run like a business. That’s just one reason why “the Donald” would make a terrible president; he isn’t accustomed to working within the boundaries of the position he’s applying for. The truth is, even Trump wouldn’t be able to fire the jailed councilman without going though a lengthy legal process.

You cannot turn a fighter pilot into a bus driver..this job simply isn’t a good fit. Frankly, I could see Trump getting so frustrated by the limitations of his authority that he would ultimately quit in a fit of anger.

And if this week’s events have shown us anything, it’s that he’s more than willing to walk away.



photo credit: www.thewrap.com






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