Pure Theater

Yesterday the world’s movie stars walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes..and as we all know, the most important question of the evening was: “who are you wearing?”


Not to be outdone, the “stars” in Washington will be walking their own red carpet to the State of the Union address tomorrow.

President Barack Obama delivers his annual State of the Union Address before a joint session of Congress and the Supreme Court on Jan. 25, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.


For this event, the president, senators and congress-people are allowed to bring a guest, and these days who you bring in Washington is just as important as who you wear in Hollywood.

One congressman has called on all Democrats to “bring a Muslim”..so far twenty have complied. In a possible counter-move, the speaker of the house himself is bringing in a few nuns.  C’mon you guys, Nikki Minaj already tried this whole thing at the Grammys.. I mean really, can’t you be more original?


Another esteemed law maker is bringing a homeless person.

Yeah, we’ve seen that before too.. Miley Cyrus’ “hot homeless dude” 2014- VMAs – ✔️


A representative from California is bringing the co-founder of ‘Black Lives Matter.’ On the heels of the recent shooting of a cop in Philadelphia, critics may pan this move because emotions are still too raw.  But whatever, while this choice may not be grade-A,  the press will be all over it like flies.


Of course the president gets to invite more than one guest, and in this competitive environment, his only choice was to go big.. by going small.. choosing to keep one seat empty representing the victims of gun violence.

Stand by for lots of close up photos, tight TV shots and in depth analysis of that seat.



Let’s face it Washington,

you just can’t out Hollywood Hollywood,

so please-

stop with all the obvious attention seeking.. and get back to work!




photo credits:www.eonline.com,www.mtv.com,www.telegraph.co.ukwww.nydailynews.com,www.popsugar.com



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