Simple step to improve your life..

Santa does it.

As a matter of fact, he checks his twice.

I’m talking about making a list.



This morning I read yet another article about how making a to-do list leads to major improvements in personal productivity.

Who wouldn’t want to get more done in a day?

Well, me I guess..because I rarely make lists.

In fact I can just add not making lists to the list (😏) of things I know will improve my life that I simply choose not to do.


Go figure.









5 thoughts on “Simple step to improve your life..

      1. Boy, do I get that..but look how self-defeating that is! I woke up this morning and really thought about all the simple stuff I should-but don’t -do ….not like going to the gym (that’s not simple) but like taking calcium every day! I’m just so bad like that and I really want to change..

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