Who doesn’t love less information?


 “No trade agreement is going to force us to change our laws”

  – President Obama -May 8, 2015

For those who never give a thought to how entities like the UN, or agreements like those reached at the Climate Summit in Paris, can affect our own sovereignty as a country and your life directly..take a closer look at the changing  labels on your meat at the grocery store.

No longer must these labels include “country of origin”.

I don’t know about you, but I like to know where my food comes from; especially meat!  Surveys have shown that 90% of Americans feel the same way.

When do 90% of Americans agree on anything?

Oh well, too darn bad. 

You see the WTO (World Trade Organization) has been fighting our country of origin (COOL) labeling requirement ever since it was enacted. Our good friends the Canadians and the Mexicans and our own American meat-packing industry were the ones leading the charge to deny American consumers this most basic information. The back and forth finally culminated in a threat from the WTO to levy billions of dollars worth of tariffs on other American products as punishment if congress didn’t immediately repeal the law.

So we rolled over and a repeal of the beef labeling law was tucked into the recent (hurry, hurry pass it NOW!) spending bill slapped together by congress and signed by the president.

As an added bonus, or maybe it was a typo, chicken and pork were thrown in too for a ‘mystery meat trifecta.’

Heck, why not?

Here’s to shopping blind.





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