The Show must go on..and on..and on..

So last night my daughter was clicking through the channels jumping from one New Years Eve “special” to another..

It was like watching a really obnoxious, really long, really loud cocktail party.

There were those who revealed that they were wearing diapers under their jackets:


And those who just revealed everything under their jackets:


I actually feel for the hosts who have to pull New Years Eve duty..It’s hard to keep an audience amused for that many hours..

..reminds me of the days when I used to babysit and I’d run out of fun stuff to do long before the parents came home. There’s a limit to what you can pull out of your hat to keep the troops entertained.

But on a night when everyone was clamoring for attention, the one eerie sight that kept millions transfixed, and that quite literally almost “brought the house down,” was the FIRE!!!!-works display  in Dubai:


No matter, the show went on..

and on and on and on…

I “called it a year” and went to bed somewhere between the smoke and the stroke of midnight. 🎉






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