Luscious Lips



Much ado has been made over the XL lips that belong to the youngest of the Jenner girls.   It seems fairly obvious that the teen had them filled, but what really makes them stand out are her (often outrageous) lipstick color choices..especially now that she is selling her own line.

I’m over fifty, and prone to hives, so you’ll have to give me a pass for not lovin’ that swollen, bee-sting, puffy kisser look. Heck, I used to get that naturally if I ate too many strawberries-  it drove me nuts!

Using color on the other hand is something I’m trying to embrace.

My poor lips have been so dry up here (thanks to the heater) that I have really gone out of my way to pamper my pout. For starters, I try to include my lips in my morning routine by giving them a few passes with an exfoliating sponge; this keeps the peeling down to a minimum. I also don’t ignore them anymore when it comes to applying face cream. Top that off with plenty of chapstick during the day AND I have started using lipstick which, like perfume, is an extra touch that makes me feel “put together.”

You don’t need to be a Kardashian, see a surgeon, or pay obscene amounts of money to have fabulous lips….

just don’t ignore them.

Exhibit A- My daughter!





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Walking away from it all..


The other day I read the most disturbing article. Seems a man in Chicago, in jail on pending murder charges, just took the oath of office as a local councilman…yes, he was administered the oath while in the slammer. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he will also be receiving over $40,000/year for this part-time position – even while in detention.

It is exactly this degree of nonsense that has created conditions favorable for Donald Trump. We read crazy stories about government gone wild and have fantasies of Mr. “You’re fired” turning over the tables in Washington and everywhere else.

But government isn’t run like a business. That’s just one reason why “the Donald” would make a terrible president; he isn’t accustomed to working within the boundaries of the position he’s applying for. The truth is, even Trump wouldn’t be able to fire the jailed councilman without going though a lengthy legal process.

You cannot turn a fighter pilot into a bus driver..this job simply isn’t a good fit. Frankly, I could see Trump getting so frustrated by the limitations of his authority that he would ultimately quit in a fit of anger.

And if this week’s events have shown us anything, it’s that he’s more than willing to walk away.



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Did you know..?


How old will the front runners in this election be on inauguration day?

Bernie Sanders- 75

Hillary Clinton- 69

Donald Trump- 70

Ted Cruz- 46

Marco Rubio- 45

A sampling of former presidents’ ages on inauguration day:

George Washington- 57

Thomas Jefferson- 57

Abraham Lincoln- 52


Jimmy Carter- 52

Ronald Reagan-69

George H, Bush- 64

Bill Clinton- 46

George W. Bush- 54

Barack Obama- 47








A conversation with your husband that starts with “We never do anything spontaneous..” can end up here..

So I was minding my own beeswax yesterday, cleaning the windows, listening to smooth jazz when my husband called (from Home Depot of course) to tell me that our daughter (up in Philly) had a friend, whose friend’s friend had tickets to the Panther play-off game and was selling them. If we wanted them we had to let her know in exactly  3 seconds flat because he had just posted the tix on facebook and they were gonna be sold fast.

“Wanna go?” I heard my husband ask in an excited voice.

I felt my stomach sink as I thought about my sister’s comfortable home where we were originally headed for the game.. her soft sofas, the big TV, toasty fireplace, hot food, bathrooms conveniently located within her house.. I wanted to ask him where the seats were, but somehow I just knew…and my three seconds were up.

“We never do anything spontaneous Cindy…”’s true, we don’t.

So there I was with my ‘better half’ just a few hours later, hand warmers shoved into my gardening boots, holding on for dear life as the top, top, top section of Bank of America stadium swayed and shook under the stomping feet of thousands of the craziest football fans I have ever shared space with. There are no pretenses up in the nosebleed section, just a wild group of mostly younger, die hard fans rocking out to the music and going absolutely nuts for their hometown team.

It was freezing cold, crowded, loud and so much fun.. I swear I left feeling ten years younger.

So here’s to spontaneity (that secret fountain of youth) and those amazing, Super Bowl bound.. 







When pigs fly

This morning I read an article about a woman who flies with her “service pig.”  Seems this piglet’s presence calms her while she travels.


Well that’s just great, isn’t it?


I have a fear of flying as well, and if I had to endure a flight with a squealing pig next to me, I’d no doubt end up in the funny farm myself. The article is full of supportive, cute piggie pics (more than a few with his attractive, potentially press hungry owner) but there’s also a disturbing picture of an “emotional support  turkey” that recently took to the sky to provide comfort to its nervous owner.

Imagine if you got on a plane and that ugly turkey was your seat-mate, ..I’m sure you’d lay an egg!

..I guess what’s good for the oinker is good for the gobbler. We might as well just make seats available to accommodate the whole barn. As for me, I’ll just get more meds from my doctor and stock up on anti-hystamine; just in case I sit next to a shedder.

Crazy world.




I blogged about the service animal concept “gone wild” last year.

What’s going on here? (February, 2015)

Diane Carr in Oklahoma has a therapy kangaroo too


Diane Moyer was asked to leave a McDonald’s in Wisconsin last week because she brought her ‘therapy kangaroo’ into the restaurant to have lunch with her.  She explained to the complaining diners that he was her Emotional Support Animal and that she had a doctor’s note allowing him to accompany her. None of that mattered to the cop who was eventually called; He told her that she and the “roo” would need to go.

This man is probably jotting down his address so the airline can send his refund to him.


According to the National Service Animal Registry, cats, dog, mice, rabbits, birds, SNAKES, hedgehogs, rats, mini pigs, ferrets, and many others qualify as therapy animals provided their owners have a diagnosis of some form of mental illness.  Larger animals qualify as well according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  People with anxiety disorders are now actually allowed to bring “ESAs” emotional support animals and “ESPs” emotional support ponies into businesses with them, even on airplanes when they travel.

Woman and her emotional support pig disembarking.

There are, however, a few factors that could land certain animals on the “no fly” list as one woman recently discovered when she brought her 80 pound support swine  onto a US airways flight from Connecticut to Washington DC. Seems her therapy buddy had anxiety issues of his own and began squealing when she tied him to the armrest. Eventually the flight attendants asked her to take her pig and leave the airplane which luckily was still at the gate. She left, but unfortunately several stinky souvenirs from the encounter remained in the aisle.  One passenger told a media outlet that he was now going to be needing his own emotional therapy pet to help him deal with the trauma of the entire malodorous incident.

Don’t get me wrong, I love animals as much as the next person, but after reading about the therapy kangaroo, the emotional support pony and this little piggy.. I have concluded that we have all gone ape. I mean what’s next.. snakes on a plane? (gosh, that sounds so familiar..)

You just know this woman in Wisconsin is going to sue.  She’s probably ‘hopping mad’ and I’m here to tell you.. she’s going to get millions. Let’s face it, kids at McDonalds tend to act like kangaroos anyway so who would have been hurt having one more wild animal bouncing around? clownMy advice to Ronald…settle buddy. You have no idea what her lawyers could pull out of their’s not worth it.

As for me, I’d like to believe nothing shocks me anymore..but somehow I keep getting proved wrong. Maybe I just need to adjust my attitude..

..and make sure I bring some hay and a nose plug the next time I fly.