“Brawl at the Mall”


On December 26th, almost 2,000 “unruly teens” started a riot at a mall in Kentucky.  

Below is a noteworthy quote:

The chief said his officers learned through social media, hundreds of teens were showing up at the mall, with the influx starting about 4:30 or 5 p.m. and reaching as many as 1,000, according to mall security officers.“It wasn’t like it was an organized event,” Chief Cole said. Officers will investigate whether the incident was the result of any kind of protest, but the chief said there does not appear to be any evidence of that.” 

What makes this (willfully ignorant and contradictory) statement above so interesting, is that it’s from a police chief in Pittsburgh talking about a riot at the Monroeville Mall back on December 26th, LAST YEAR.

The next, eerily similar, quote is from the spokesman for Kentucky police after this year’s Dec. 26 riot involving (again for emphasis) 2,000 (!!) “unruly teens“:

“I don’t believe this was organized, I believe this was random. I believe this was a by-product of juveniles congregating and there being some disturbances growing out of that. Fights if you will. Those kind of things and escalating out of control…” 

FYI- there were other riots on December 26th this year at malls in Virginia, Florida and New Jersey. (We won’t even get into the similar mob-style events that have taken place at beaches, county fairs, city parks, random 7-11s..)

What’s clear to this simple mommy is that these are indeed planned ‘events’ and law enforcement is obviously hesitant to speak the truth about what we are witnessing. Semi-sanctioned anarchy is on the rise and cops want to avoid confrontation.

A very unfortunate situation indeed…unless of course, you’re an “unruly teen.”


Quotes from CBS news and Pittsburgh Post Gazette.



    • My husband keeps reminding us to be “situationally aware” in crowds. It sounds paranoid, but know where the exits are and be mindful of what’s going on around you. I really feel bad for these malls.. here I thought their biggest threat to survival was AMAZON.


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