The Stuff of my Nightmares..


screen shot 2015-12-21 at 3.12.42 pm

And there they were, those brave, trapped souls, waving from the windows of the malfunctioning Sea World Sky Tower to the hovering NBC news helicopter transmitting live shots back to the studio. They had been stuck there, about 40 stories up, for almost an hour..

and they were all smiles.

How odd I thought, do they have a bar on that thing? (More importantly, what about a bathroom?)

I was sprawled out on the carpet in my bedroom, wrapping last minute gifts yesterday when this scene popped up as BREAKING NEWS.  I texted my friend and told her to turn on CNN.

She called me immediately, thinking there had been a terror attack, but settled down to mild hyper ventilation as we both watched the Sea World drama unfold.

This …  is the exact reason I never go on that crazy thing” I announced – to which my friend replied that this was exactly why she always carried a sedative or two in her purse…you know, just incase.

That’s exactly what I need, i thought… an emergency sedative!!.. but in liquid form…

a fast acting, injectable sedative I can wear around my neck..

 a freak-out-pen!

You see, I’m really no different than those who are highly allergic to bumble bees or peanuts or shrimp..  I’m just allergic to stalled elevators and over crowded subway cars, turbulence at 30,000 feet and scenes like this!!


I’m sure there are those with “allergies” like mine who would love the reassurance of owning a freak-out pen..

…and TRUST ME, our fellow travelers with no “issues” definitely want us to have one too.




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