Simple Holiday Pleasure # 7


My sister hosted a beautiful Christmas party back in early December. The house was draped with glittering decorations, the food was delicious and the spirit was joyful and festive.  I have no doubt she was extremely happy, but also completely exhausted, when she went to bed that night.  The next morning, my phone pinged and the picture above popped up. It was from my sister with a text explaining that she was sitting down with her feet propped up enjoying a fancy (homemade) cappuccino.

Doesn’t it look heavenly?

There’s just something about a hot drink that encourages us to take a moment and decompress. It’s even more special if we dress it up in a favorite cup, add a dollop of froth or whipped cream, balance a cookie on the edge or drop a candy cane in it to melt.  The more we fancy it up the stronger the pull to stop what we are doing and unwind. That drink pictured above certainly does not scream “to go”’s softly whispering “sit down.”

A warm cup of cocoa or a hot cup of coffee is an invitation to get off life’s treadmill for ten minutes and relax..

why not RSVP today?

Simple Holiday Pleasure #7 – A delicious, hot beverage in a favorite mug and a few quiet moments to enjoy it.


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