The Sights and Sounds of Philadelphia!


I have to admit..driving into the city is always a bit intimidating.

phi25 phi22 phi21 p1 phi7

I love the contrast of old and new.. and then there’s the food…some you eat..

phi26 phi18 phi16

..and some you just look at..

phi10 phi27

Christmas was definitely in the air..

phi9 phi8 phi15 phi6

And then there were the interesting and random sightings…

Jesus, Euro-Santa with his super scary friend Krampus*, “Santa-con-ers”…                          phi13 phi14 phi19 phi20

and a bag piper..why not?



*For those trying to make ‘horns or tails’ out of this frightful figure, let me key you in on the big secret as to why those German and Austrian kids are so well behaved- esp around the holidays. While the worst consequence to bad behavior in the US is the possibility that you’ll land on Santa’s naughty list..on the other side of the pond the kids used to be told that this drooling beast would drag you away if you were bad.  Lesser infractions would get you a stocking full of coal or sticks which I’ll admit I did receive on at least one yeah, when all else fails in the child-rearing dept….there’s always Krampus.



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