A Special Tradition

an15an7an8 an3 an4 an6an10 an11 an12 an13an1 an2 an9 One thing about the ARMY-NAVY game, you never know what the weather will be like. It has snowed, poured freezing rain, you name it..but this past week-end was an absolute treat as we enjoyed warm weather under partly cloudy skies. The game was a nail biter that could have gone either way, but NAVY prevailed in the end so that made my husband very happy.

Having obviously “missed a memo” it just so happened that we stayed at a hotel in downtown Philly that was the “official headquarters” for the cadets and and a whole host of West Point alumni.  The lobby was decorated in black and gold, banners were hung everywhere, sweatshirts were being sold, and a gala was held in the ballroom on Friday night.  All of which was kind of a bummer backdrop for us… until NAVY won… at which point my husband was more than happy to hang around all those glum faces. Being the jokester that he is, I had to warn him about making any disparaging remarks..you know like..”hey, are the T-shirts half price now?”

I have to say, he was restrained..I was proud!

Philadelphia did a great job as usual rolling out the welcome mat.  The only thing they could have “rolled out” better were a lot more subway cars to ferry the fans from the football field back to the city. The picture above hardly does justice to the way we were packed into the underground station ..and then onto the trains. At one point, right before we boarded,  a surge of people rushed towards the track we were waiting at. I told my husband I flat out refused to get on that car with all those people pushing behind me. I may have said something like “I’ll pay $500 for a cab, I don’t care, this is dangerous, you can just wait for me back at the hotel…”

Yeah, he was having none of it.

He grabbed my hand, dove through the doors as they opened, rushed down the aisle with me in tow (pretty sure I was still rattling on about taking a stand here.. not gonna go..  he couldn’t make me..) and plopped me into a seat. I can’t even tell you how stuffed our car eventually became because I closed my eyes and didn’t open them till it was time to get off.

From what I could feel and hear, I’m pretty sure our subway looked like this – except under ground: 😱

indian train

So that was the only part of the day that sent me into a total panic..all of it immediately relieved when we got off the train and into the downtown, underground station.  PHEW!! I was never so happy to be in a urine soaked stairwell in my whole, entire life!

I was also pretty proud I didn’t bail out..not that my husband would have let me..HA.

Now to spend that $500 I saved..




  1. Wow, sounds like quite an adventure! A good friend of mine works as a hostess in the VIP boxes at the Linc. She always says that the Army/Navy Game is her favorite event. She said the spirit and audience are always so amazing.

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    • The spirit was great..thank goodness, because if even one person was having a bad attitude as we were all squished like sardines in the subway after the game.. it would have been a disaster. That’s probably the one thing that kept me from having a full on melt down in the train was the laughing and friendly conversing ..I mean my eyes were closed for the whole ride anyway..but if the vibe had been tense, I’m not sure I would have made it. 😱

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  2. Your subway experience reminds me of a night baseball game we attended in St. Louis. After the game we made it to the railway where we were to get on the sky tram and there were so many people it was obvious we weren’t all going to make it. Not being from the city and not knowing how long we’d have to wait until the next one, we decided we needed to get on that tram. I had no doubts about my ability to make it, but hubby is a different matter. He is the one that will be at the back of the crowd letting everyone go in front of him. He’s the one I lose, as he stops to hold the door open for everyone. I told him in no uncertain terms, he’d better make sure he got on that tram with the boys and myself. He did make it. lol

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  3. My closest relevant experience was the Metro in DC after the 4th of July. After packing like a decade’s worth of newspapers in a hoarder’s apartment, WE ALL GOT KICKED OFF THE TRAIN IN THE LITERAL MIDDLE OF NOWHERE AT 3 AM.

    Ah. Memories.

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