Simple Holiday Pleasure #5


A few years ago, my daughter bought me a beautiful Luminara® candle. These are the most realistic looking fake candles available on the market today. They are a tad pricey, but (in my opinion) totally worth the investment. The candles can be switched on and off, put on a timer, or controlled with a tiny remote. A huge selection of sizes and colors are available on and in stores.

After multiple failed attempts to clean and adjust the old  components in our gas fireplace here at the town home, I told my husband I just wanted to use a few candles instead. To test my theory that it would look even better having candles in the box (instead of those ugly logs) I put my one Luminara candle that I brought with me from home in there …and sure enough, it looks great. ( see photo above) I immediately ordered three in various sizes and can’t wait to create a cozy and inviting vignette.

Whether the glow is coming from a real candle or one of these faux ones, there is something completely serene and calming about a soft, flickering light source…it’s truly mood magic. And if the candle emits a lovely scent, well that’s just an added bonus. Bath and Bodyworks has an amazing array of heavenly three wick options.. (my favorite is Istanbul.)


Real or fake, don’t forego the opportunity to add a little tranquil candle light to your life this busy Christmas season.

Simple Holiday Pleasure #5 – Light a candle.




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