Simple Holiday Pleasure #4

cheese platter

“Four calling birds, three cheese trays, two turtle doves…and a partridge in a pear tree!”

What…it’s NOT three cheese trays? Well that’s how many I have slapped together so far this season simply because my stove doesn’t work and I haven’t been able to prepare anything more complex (or hot) for any festivity.

Display some crackers, an assortment of soft and firm cheeses, seedless grapes and voila.. you’re done!  It’s So simple and people eat up every last crumble!

Costco has a fantastic selection of Fromage and their prices cannot be beat.  I am completely OBSESSED with their Wensleydale with cranberries.  I’m not even kidding, if I was stranded on an island with just one thing to eat, I’d choose this sweet, melt in your mouth, creation. (I’m serious, I’d actually choose it over a bag of Hershey kisses – it’s that good!!)



Simple holiday Pleasure #4 When it comes to parties, keep it simple!



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