Simple Holiday Pleasure #2

twisted peppermint A few years ago, we went on a glorious week-end get-away in the foothills of Virginia. We stayed in a cozy, tucked away chalet that had an absolutely stunning master bathroom.  The focal point of the space was an enormous, free-standing, rustic bathtub that was surrounded on three sides by soaring, floor to ceiling windows. As I steeped myself in a hot, bubble bath one evening, a group of deer came right up to the edge of the property and I was able to watch them munch away at their dinner from the comfort of this unique and steamy vantage point.  The shampoos, soaps and gels provided to guests were all eucalyptus scented. To this day, when I smell anything with eucalyptus in it, I immediately think back to that relaxing, most wonderful week-end.

Christmas memories are also triggered by the scents associated with the holiday.  Whether its peppermint, ginger, cinnamon or vanilla, a quick slather of lotion or lighting of a candle is an easy way to put yourself in a yuletide frame of mind. I even have a twisted peppermint scented disc from Bath and Bodyworks in my know, to keep me in the ho-ho-holiday spirit while I’m defending myself against the CRAZY (twisted?) drivers here in Charlotte!

Simple Holiday Pleasure #2- Surround yourself with the scents of the season.


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