The good, the bad and the ugly.

I have been obsessing and fretting over choosing new flooring for our town home for almost 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the previous owner’s dogs inflicted some serious damage in several large areas. The difficulty has been finding a floor that matches both the reddish oak staircase… AND the kitchen that has blondish cabinets and is in close proximity to the stairs. I would have loved to have replaced all the cabinets and sanded down the stairs, but none of that was in our budget.

I cannot even tell you how many miles I have put on my car driving to flooring stores (and hardware stores) to pick up, and then return, samples.

One guy at a particular North Charlotte store has stuck with me through this entire process. I think he pulled every last sample he had out for me to look at; and I am so happy that I will be able to purchase the flooring from him…he defintely DESERVES the sale!

The last time I was at his store, (it was probably my third visit in one day) I had put together a pile of “possibles” to schlep out to the house again.  One last piece that I wasn’t that interested in was left behind on the showroom floor. When Steve pointed it out, I told him I’d just pass because I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be right anyway and my arms were loaded, but he happily picked it up, tossed it on his pile, and took it to my car saying “you never know..”

Well, guess what? That was the one. If he hadn’t done that, I’d still be looking today.

floor sample
The boards are wider than the old ones, but the colors are almost the same..with both blonde AND red tones! – YAY!!


Searching for these floors reminded me of so many instances in my life when I had to build upon (or work around) unchangeable, aggravating or depressing realities. Everyone would prefer a fresh slate at times, an opportunity to freely make decisions without having to consider, or be influenced by, pre-existing absolutes .. but let’s face it, life is a collection of events and decisions, the consequences of which cannot always be undone.

And while it may take some time to figure it out and learn to work with the “ingredients” we have,  in the end a good life is all about creating something beautiful and worthwhile out of a thoughtful combination of both the perfect and the flawed…the good, the bad and the ugly.





Thanks Steve!


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