Keeping my eyes on the goal

One of the most amazing documentaries I ever watched on TV was the story about a team of doctors and how they prepared for (and eventually successfully carried out)  the most complex procedure ever performed to separate severely conjoined twins. At one point during the tense, critical and extremely long surgery, the scene in the operating room was so “messy” (for lack of a better word) I almost had a panic attack just looking at it. I mean there were pieces and parts of organs all over the place with wires and tools and sponges and scopes and televisions and a battalion of physicians hovering all around, over and on top of the table.

I wondered if any one of the doctors or nurses just felt overwhelmed by the chaos, but the truth is, they knew exactly where they were “going” and they also knew that they’d have to get through this phase to get there.

The clearer the vision of the final goal,  and the clearer the understanding of the steps needed to get there, the easier it is to deal with the temporary chaos you may experience along the way.

I always try to remind myself of this documentary when I feel overwhelmed…like at this house we are trying to update and clean. I have had moments when I feel totally fatigued and “lost” in the craziness, but a quick trip to Pinterest at the end of the day reminds me of what we are working to achieve. I can keep happily plugging along as long as the vision stays fresh in my mind.

And it’s starting to look up a really is..but there’s still a lot of cleaning to be done..

house 4 house 3 taking the grease and grime off the top of the kitchen cabinets. Scraped the goo off first, then used this AMAZING degreaser. (The same one I used on the stove)



And I’m still trying to unlock the mystery of how dog hair can get into so many places, such as inside the kitchen cabinets. 😐


Yeah that’s  me rocking “protective gear” to clean the kitchen! My kids will love this..not only did I take a “selfie,” but who bothers to smile when you have a mask on? HAHA! 😜




  1. Dog hair is some amazing stuff. When my son’s dogs were allowed to come into the house we would be finding hair months and years later. We’re still finding it. They are no longer allowed in because they shed so bad. I found some in my dishwasher once. Yuck! If it’s nice they go outside in the kennel, if it’s not, they can stay in the garage with a space heater. The cocker can come in because she doesn’t shed near so bad. So to answer your question it flies everywhere!! lol

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    • And I love dogs..I do! It’s just gross when it’s all over the place and it’s NOT your dog. I also keep turning around and discovering more yucky sticky…. I think I’m getting tired..what a wimp! 😐


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