I had a dream..

Last night I had a dream.

I dreamt I was walking through a field of flowers; a soft wind caressing my dewy skin.

In the distance I could see him..

my husband..

(and WOW, he had hair on his head again!)

but more importantly he was pointing..


to a clearing.

The reflection of the sun was blinding,

but as I got closer, I could see it..

a brand new,

double door,

gas stove with a big bow on top!

It was so clean

and perfect.

I ran up to it,

leaned over the top

and wrapped it in an embrace.

But my elbow hit the side of a grate

and it hurt!

I woke up.

My left arm was awkwardly stuck under my stomach;

almost numb.

I rolled over and lay there for a while, rubbing my aching appendage and contemplating what it means when the love interest in your dream is not your husband, or Brad Pitt,

but a GE appliance…

and you’re actually fine with that.❤️

Brad-Pitt-2 vs. ranges-double-oven_rangesvs.tom

I’ll have to book myself on Dr. Phil to figure this one out.

I’m hoping his will be the last installment of my oven cleaning saga. I sprayed the grates with a heat proof black paint yesterday and blasted the oven with a can of cleaner before running out of the house. I’m expecting to arrive today to a miracle that is me effortlessly removing the interior grime with nothing but a cotton ball..HA!!

 I also started cleaning the windows and sills..


Yes, that’s dog hair on the left – and on the right?

Not quite sure..

window sill1 windowsill2

Ah, the “adventure” continues..

photo credit: www.linkedinriches.comwww.geappliances.com

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