Thank God for Mondays!

My husband was probably giddy about going to work today. His hands are so sore, he actually needed me to button the cuffs on his shirt this morning. Yeah, it was that kind of week-end..lots of hammering, banging, unscrewing, you name it. I was mostly on clean-up detail trying to keep the debris at reasonable levels. No sense doing anything else to beautify the place with my tazmanian devil kicking up as much dust as he is.

My husband is a genie..I will give him that. I share my wishes with him and he can make them happen..most of them that is. He’s not wild about unexpected changes, but once I explain my vision (haha) he’s pretty happy to try and turn it into reality. One of those wishes was to take down the breakfast bar. It started with the purchase of my “dream sink and faucet” which turned out to be too big for the allotted space because of the vertical piece of granite under the bar. We’re getting new granite anyway, so I convinced my guy to “just cut it down”  and create one nice flat continuous counter area with lower barstools at the outer edge. Well, as you can imagine, it was a little more complex than “just cutting it down.”


But he did it!


My biggest job yesterday was degreasing the disgusting stove. I tried to imagine what the house must have smelled like when that thing was turned on. I kept thinking of the previous owner… (WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU??? HOW COULD YOU LIVE LIKE THIS??? ) Thanks to KatieComeBack, a fellow blogger, I was able to find an orange degreasing product that cut through the years of accumulated filth. I used the entire bottle and spent most of the day removing ever deeper layers of gunk with my razor. There was this weird sense of satisfaction every time I lifted up a slice of this grossness…reminded me of summers as a teen, pulling at my peeling, sunburnt skin and getting a huge piece off that I would run and show my sisters. (I know, it’s sickening!!!) I even took apart the door to get inside the triple paned glass to remove, (you guessed it) more grease and more cat hair. The inside of the oven is so bad that I’m going to have to run the self cleaning program on a day we can open all the doors. I tried to remove the residue of repeated food explosions (??)  from the inside, but simply cannot get it off.

nov2 nov6

I do have a question though that has vexed me for some time. You know how stainless can get like a long, thin water dribble looking stain on it? I have that on my dishwasher at home and have never been able to remove it. I have it on this oven door as well…any ideas how to get that off?

Can you see it on the left?

My husband and I have decided to pitch a TV show to the Better Homes and Gardens channel..this would be a more realistic version of a couple working on fixing up a house..there would be lots of arguing, tension, blaming, moodiness and yesterday when my husband was cutting drywall and I was closely  following his saw with the nozzle of the shop-vac to suck up all the dust. Neither of us realized until he was done cutting that the shop-vac wasn’t even turned on! HAHAHA!!!!!

I’m telling ya, It’d be great.



  1. I am so glad that stuff worked! But sorry you had to clean it all. If I knew how to post pictures in the comments I’d share ours – but from yours, it looks pretty much the same.

    Confession – I gave away the microwave and bought a new one vs cleaning it. Nearly did the same with the fridge!!! Nastiness, BOSS LEVEL. ugh.

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  2. Remember the scene in Raiders of the Lost Arc where Harrison Ford opens up the arc and all of the spirits come flying out and people start melting? Well, our fridge is that arc.. it’s so gross, and full of old food bits, that I’m afraid to open it again before Home Depot comes to cart it away. Seriously, I’m afraid I’ll release some mold spore disease.. ditto with the dishwasher now sitting in the garage. We have kept the fridge plugged in just to keep it from reeking up the house. Was hoping to keep washer and dryer..but both too of animal hair- and that’s in the parts we can see! Huge bill for new appliances..that’s why I’m trying to save money by keeping the stove if I can. Thanks again for the tip about the orange really did work. I’m going to try magic erase on the dribble mark..never used that before either.


    • HEY! How are you? Thanks for the compliment on the stove. You should see my nails! 😱 I’m definitely due for a trip to the salon..need to get rid of my orange shade and go for a more natural color so the chips aren’t as obvious. And yeah..I think a realistic show about what it’s really like for couples to deal with fixing up a house is seriously would be like a public service announcement but longer…kinda like a flood or tornado warning for your marriage. 😉

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      • I’m fine thanks! You?? I’ve missed reading your blog. Somehow life and STUFF hot in the way! But I never did forget you!! ❤😊 ❤

        Don’t forget to post pics when it’s all finished! 😁

        Love, Hedgey xx

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      • Same here..hey, it gets busy sometimes. My husband told me I was snoring last night…well, I believe it…I’ve never been this exhausted! I will post pictures for sure when this project is done..hopefully when it all turns out great. I went to pick out countertops today and I’m so afraid I’ll make a bad choice. Everything is so expensive, it’s not like you can have the stone installed and then just change your mind! I keep reminding myself this isn’t life or death and to just get a’ll all be fine…and more importantly – clean!

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      • HAHA! Right on! ❄️..though I can’t shove my head in the freezer or fridge we have now..too much filthy germy stuff.. that would be sure suicide…and hopefully my stress won’t get that bad! 😆

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