We’re in! (well, kinda)

TH first dinner
Our first meal in our new home.



We closed on our town home yesterday and drove from the lawyer’s office straight to the new place. (When I say new..I mean it’s new to us.) It was such a relief to unpack all of the stuff from our house back in Florida that was piled up in my car.  My SUV  has been a storage container on wheels for the last two weeks.

My husband immediately donned his “crappy clothes” and started investigating the extent of a leak under the kitchen sink while I sprayed mold and mildew remover into every shower and toilet. This house is a study in contrasts: beautiful new Delta faucets, cat and dog hair in all the drawers, showers, cabinets, stuck to the stove and yes-even inside the washing machine.

yup, thats grease and animal hair on the stove..uh huh.

oct30-1 oct30-2

I need a team from the FBI to develop a profile of the former owner. Suffice it to say, the place is FILTHY.  Who would let such a nice home get so disgusting? I immediately start wondering things like..did this guy’s co-workers ever come over? Does he have friends? What about family? Was he one of those animal hoarders you see on the news? Was there an intervention..a bust..an animal rescue?  And what does the inside of his car look like??


Yeah, maybe I don’t want to know.

We’re not moving in until the end of November, so at least I have time to sterilize the place..room by room…drawer by drawer. 😷 “Bring me the bleach and the antihistamines honey, it’s gonna be a long week-end!”


 photo credit: www.mysteryvale.com

8 thoughts on “We’re in! (well, kinda)

  1. Ick! I know where you’re coming from. The former owners of our house let their dogs “go” where ever they wanted so when we moved in we had to rip out all the carpet and some of the flooring underneath! There were holes in the walls and disgusting things lurking in the corners of the drawers!! It was lots of work but now it’s a beautiful, cozy home. Your’s will get there too! Congratulations!

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    1. Katie..maybe you ran into this- I have a “newer” GE gas stove that I’m going to try and use just to save myself the $$ I’d have to spend on a new one. But it’s DISGUSTING. The grease on the black top almost has a rust quality to it. I removed the grates and used a degreaser yesterday that got a lot of the slime off..but this rusty feeling stuff is still there. I’m afraid to use brillo, but I cannot get it off with a cloth and this product. Any ideas? The grease accumulation in this kitchen is crazy..top cabinets look furry..grease and dust and lint and of course pet hair. 😷

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      1. I used that orange stuff….there are a few brands on the market. It took a TON of elbow grease, and I used those soft-scratch sponges (about 11 million or so) – sometimes I’d spray and let it soak. Eventually it DID come off but it was EVEN ON THE CEILING.

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