Blowing it up

The e-mails I receive from Republican groups are like tea leaves floating into my home. I’m no psychic, but I can predict the future of the conservative party every time I open one of these inflammatory communications.

I know it’s not only Republicans sending this type of garbage, but if this keeps up, 2016 looks bleak for them indeed.

One of the subject lines on a message I received yesterday was “Obama loves selling dead children.”

C’mon guys..really?  Who’s in charge of this PAC? (..and why am I on your e-mail list?)

Don’t get me wrong. I think Planned Parenthood is a multi-million (billion?) dollar industry feeding off of women in crisis and the tax payers of America. And yes, I know that they provide PAPs and mammograms, but ignoring their newly discovered “side business” is like ignoring the fact that Volkswagen used prisoners from German concentration camps to build those affordable, adorable little Beetles during WWII.



Uh huh..that’s him alright in his “car for the people.”


Anyone with eyes and ears and a mind that works can clearly understand that Planned Parenthood is profiting off  human”parts” which (unlike abortion) is illegal.  What PP is doing is the equivalent of Dominoes offering FREE large pizzas, but then charging $35 each for delivery.

Are they selling pizzas for money? No.

Are they making a profit off pizzas? Yes.

Planned Parenthood is just taking advantage of a loophole as all big businesses do.


But back to these Republican PACS and their immature e-mails..

I realize it’s hard to be heard these days.  I know that to get noticed you have to pick a fight or say something harsh or  outrageous.

But please, leave me alone.

I’m just a law abiding Christian and citizen who wants the government to work more efficiently, protect the country, allocate the money it collects more wisely and stay out of Americans’ business as much as humanly possible.

Most of all though, what I really want right now –today– is for politicos to stop blowing up my in-box.




  1. HEY LENORE!!! 😀 How are ya? Kristine can sleep well at worries..!! 😇 it’s not like she was alive back in the day when VW was churning out those popular, cheap little cars in Germany using Jewish prisoners to construct them. (I do wonder though if the peace-loving hippies of the 60s were even aware of VWs history- and no, they weren’t the only company that profited off concentration camp labor thanks to Hitler.)

    On the other hand, right now- today- people seem willing to ignore Planned Parenthood’s “side business” in baby parts simple because they provide paps and breast exams. You hear that argument a lot. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d rather do business with a company that isn’t making money off that kind of “shipping and handling.”

    Many Germans were harshly and rightfully criticized after the war for “looking the other way” time and time again.. I just don’t want to be guilty of that today.

    Great to hear from you!!!!


    • I totally understand. But Kristine has a desiel Beetle that is polluting more the 35percent into the air. Here she thought she did a good thing for the air. Now she has a car she will never be able to sell and VW may never fix her emissions. So much for the money makers on the little people.

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      • Oh I know! This is REALLY bad!! Poor Kristine is driving a HUMMER and she doesn’t know it!! HAHA- don’t tell her I said that! 😇 Part of the problem is that the EPA has created standards that are very expensive and difficult to meet.. my bigger concern is that the metal in today’s cars is now so that they get better MPG..that I worry about how protected we are should an accident happen! When I took our little car through the car wash, the wind-dry part made the hood ripple! 😱 I actually looked for dents when it was done!


  2. I’m tried of the rain. We are going to float away. Sure wish I could pipe it to Kristine. It’s really bad out there. I was thee for a week. You get a half of glass of water at a restaurant and you have to as for more only when you finish it. An here we are floating away..☔️☔️☔️


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