1 Corinthians 14:33

 “For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.”

You make a decision…

and then it starts.

The doubt, the second guessing, the worry…

don’t you just HATE that?

I found myself in that situation a few days ago..

driving around this unfamiliar city,

my mind thick with ‘confusion chowder.’

And then I stopped at a light at a major intersection.

There, in one corner, was a man in a wheel-chair.


Man in wheelchair

I thought about his life,

what it must be like.

I wondered how our list of concerns would compare.

He crossed the street.

My light turned green,

and I left my worries there.


(photo credit hillpost.in)

I don’t think I’d pick me.

So if I was back on the recess field in elementary school, and we were picking teams for Red Rover, or capture the flag, or kiss tag, I’m not sure I’d  pick me.

Heck, If I was my own college roommate, I’d probably put in for a room transfer.


Because I’m so flighty..

especially now that I’m 53.

I lose things, forget names, have to drive back home to make sure I unplugged the iron and I write checks for five hundred dollars only to find out later that I wrote fifty by accident..

I’m just a lot of work right now and I’m exhausted babysitting my own self.


We are heading out for parent’s week-end today at my daughter’s college, and I have been searching for two items for almost two whole days;

my favorite bra and my mini-clothes steamer.

Let me remind you, we are temporarily living in a tiny apartment with basically no furniture. There are only so many places these things can be..

and no,

I’m not wearing the bra

and yes,

I checked the trash can.


I actually do that a lot lately..

you know,

checking the trash can.

You see, deep down, I’m not confident I wouldn’t throw random stuff into the trash while I’m watching the Steelers, Property brothers,  or the nightly news on TV.

“Oh look, it’s Pope Francis getting off the plane!” I can see myself thinking as I tie my beautiful Victoria’s Secret bra around my steamer and toss them both onto a pile of wet coffee grounds in the kitchen rubbish bin.

Hey, I’m telling you, it could have happened just like that!

My bra and my steamer are gone- gonzo- poof !

How else to explain it??

 It’s like they rolled off the side of a Carnival Cruise ship after a night of wild partying..never to be seen again! 

Ship night_

Oh well.

 The good news is I found a bar of chocolate my husband was hiding way in the back of his bathroom drawer..



What was I looking for again?

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