Just imagine..





  • Chelsea————-Subject- mom- check out this mother of the bride dress!
  • Hot YOGA——— Subject- 5 minute stretches for working women
  • Amb. Stevens—–Subject- Safety concerns in Libya
  • Salon Yolanda— Subject- Your appt reminder!
  • Bob Gates——— Subject- Please call me regarding Putin
  • Bill—————–  Subject- Be home this week-end, wanna grill steaks?
  • Karzai, Hamid— Subject- Your visit to Afghanistan-impt travel info.
  • LinkedIn———- Subject-  Oprah has endorsed you.
  • Bloomingdales– Subject-  Pantsuit sale!
  • Whitehouse.gov– Subject- TOP SECRET- Unrest in Egypt 
  • Victoria’s Secret- Subject- Semi-anual bra sale.


Hillary Clinton claims she maintained an e-mail account that intermingled her personal mail with her State Department mail. Is anyone..anyone at all..finding this impossible to fathom?



    • Did you know the FBI has already been out to Colorado chasing down Mrs. C’s server? This whole thing reminds me of the ex- KGB agent who had Polonium slipped into his tea in London. The police went all over the city with geiger counters tracking the radiation to figure out where the Russian hit-men had been. I wonder how many of Mrs. C’s team are going to find themselves seriously contaminated by this whole sloppy mess..


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