A few of my favorite things…

I made pizza the other day and was struck again by how much I love, and use, my pizza stone.  This well worn thing has been with me for some time, ensuring a crispy crust not only for pizza and breads but for pies and other baked goods. I ordered mine from Williams and Sonoma a few years ago.. and they still carry it…(I just checked.)  Actually they carry a few versions, but only one is made in the USA.

I got to thinking about my other top, go-to kitchen items..things I would insist on packing if I was headed to some isolated shack in the Keys for a month.. 🔆


So here they are, in no particular order:

pizza stone
My lovely, ugly old stone..of course.
One (yup, just one) German knife.
knife sharpener
One knife sharpener.
french press
My bright and beautiful French press..even when it’s empty it makes me smile.
My favorite Piggly-Wiggly apron..to protect my bathing suit from spills. (Remember, I’d be in the Keys, living in a shack  😉)
fizzy water
The “fizzy water” maker…my newest toy. It helps me drink much more water and my calcium pill is so much easier to swallow!


    • Good point- serious oversight!! 😱 Although if I was living in a shack in the keys, I’d probably just take a bottle of rum with me.. fits into the “environment” better than wine. 🌴

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