🙉🙈🐵- The three (mon)keys to a happy vacation..


See no evil 🙈- A thoughtful and helpful choice as you close the curtains upon arrival at your fully occupied, beachfront hotel to hide your room’s view of the northern parking lot…


Speak no evil 🐵- Such a great discipline for times like when your husband (who made the hotel reservations and didn’t ask for a beach view) produces a nice bottle of wine to share in your now darkened room and the cheap opener breaks apart in his hands…



And last, but certainly not least…Hear no evil 🙉- A critical skill to develop when the (smaller than pictured on TripAdvisor) hotel pool is chock full of adorable, little screaming “guppies”…





    • Trip was great..but our hotel- yikes. Let’s just say it wasn’t the Four Seasons..frankly, it wasn’t even two seasons…but hey, it’s not like we spent too much time in the room.

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