🙉🙈🐵- The three (mon)keys to a happy vacation..


See no evil 🙈- A thoughtful and helpful choice as you close the curtains upon arrival at your fully occupied, beachfront hotel to hide your room’s view of the northern parking lot…


Speak no evil 🐵- Such a great discipline for times like when your husband (who made the hotel reservations and didn’t ask for a beach view) produces a nice bottle of wine to share in your now darkened room and the cheap opener breaks apart in his hands…



And last, but certainly not least…Hear no evil 🙉- A critical skill to develop when the (smaller than pictured on TripAdvisor) hotel pool is chock full of adorable, little screaming “guppies”…




10 thoughts on “🙉🙈🐵- The three (mon)keys to a happy vacation..

    1. Trip was great..but our hotel- yikes. Let’s just say it wasn’t the Four Seasons..frankly, it wasn’t even two seasons…but hey, it’s not like we spent too much time in the room.

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      1. Exactly… when it is just a place to sleep, you can deal with it much better. Different if it is a winter retreat, then the hotel plays a more significant role. Glad your trip was great.

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      2. I am sure you would be fine once you got there, after the flight! I have seen some pics recently and you can really upscale your travel there if you would like. All kinds of restaurants and hotels are available. We could make sure you would be comfortable! 🙂

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