Halls Chophouse

Fantastic food is just one element of a truly spectacular restaurant. The secret formula to wild success is found in a dining experience that satisfies every one of the senses. Halls Chophouse in Charleston, South Carolina outperforms in all five categories.halls1

The owners welcome each guest at the door as if they’ve waited all day long– just for you to arrive. If your table isn’t ready (I suggest a booth upstairs) you will sit for a spell next to the grand piano relaxing to silky-smooth jazz and sipping on a refreshing cocktail. The decor is masculine, rich and cozy; the longest wall paneled in a sumptuous chocolate brown upon which local historic photographs and pieces of art are hung.  Tables draped in crisp, white linens provide a soft visual counterpoint to the rugged leather and elegant wood.halls2

Halls envelops your body and soul in sultry, southern hospitality. You can tell the minute you step inside that you are about to be swept away on the culinary equivalent of a magic carpet ride. Not only is the cuisine beyond compare, but the gracious  service is an indulgence unlike anything my husband and I have encountered anywhere else -ever. Time literally stands still as you are pampered, educated and fed like royalty. This is THE destination for those with big events to celebrate, and the resulting vibe is golden and bubbly.

New Orleans style warm whiskey bread pudding with sun dried cherries, pecans & bourbon crème anglaise

And just when you think that all you’ve got to remember your experience are a some i-phone pictures and a few extra pounds around the waist, a handwritten thank-you note from your head waiter will appear in your mailbox back at home.

Like I said..a truly exceptional and unique experience. Make your reservations far in advance and yes, buy a new little black dress. 🌺





  1. A handwritten thank you note. That is really over the top. You had me at waiting with piano music. How relaxing. So much more so than the restaurants with televisions and the noise of the kitchen going on while you’re trying to unwind. Sounds great!

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    • The piano-man is a dead ringer for Ray Charles…I mean this place is unreal. I love Charleston on its own..but trust me, all day long I’m thinking about the upcoming main event at Halls..haha


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