Dumb Rules for Old Ladies


The other day, while shopping at the mall, I spied the most adorable pair of sandals. They were low, corky looking wedges with off-white straps and a row of creamy colored flowers that twirled from the toes right up to the ankle.  Not only were they comfortable, not only did they fit, the pretty petals covered up the swelling in my left foot.

As I stood there in front of the mirror marveling at these charming creations, my daughter made the following statement (cleverly disguised as a question):

“Don’t you think they’re a little young for you?”

Now I’m not the type of woman who usually gets upset with this concern, (on the rare occasions when my girls have raised it) so I quietly reconsidered the reflection in front of me.

 The shoes looked cute, fresh and yes..maybe a little too young?

  I took them off and put them back on the shelf.


Later that evening I went online to study the shoes more closely.  What exactly made these sandals “too young?” They were such happy, strappy little things.  Were they just too much fun for women over 50? Was it the color? The design? Too many  flowers? WHAT WAS IT?!

All of this pondering got me slightly depressed. I’m in decent shape and pretty sure that if you covered my head with a sack, most people would probably guess my age to be younger than it is…

..especially if I was wearing these sandals, right?! 😜

And maybe that’s the problem. Maybe I’m supposed to dress “my age” so that people walking behind me don’t get too startled when they catch up to where I am and see that I have wrinkles under my eyes-

Maybe dressing my age is more about how my clothes (and shoes) “fit” my face and less about how they fit my body..


In which case.. I guess it all comes down to this;

Wear nursing shoes if you don’t want to disappoint anyone approaching from the back..

or wear exactly what you want

and simply stay ahead of the pack.




  1. Wear what you want, wear what you want! Those shoes are adorable! The world is changing, feel free to be you! My kids hate when I dance and sing in public, but so what! No one’s gonna steal my joy without my permission 🙂 Love your blog btw!

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  2. Buy the shoes! They are mega-cute!

    also, this sounds like a regular exchange in my house:
    “Isn’t that skirt a bit short?/ lipstick a bit much?/those heels too high?/ batman tights a bit bright?” (that’s The Teen talking to me, not the other way round!)

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  3. I agree. Wear what you want!! Someday your daughter will regret saying things like that to you. I’m sure now she thinks she’s sparing you some embarrassment, but looking back on things my own mother did, I now wish I would have given her the freedom to be her own person and not inserted my opinion on how she lived her life. Not that she listened to me. She would have bought the shoes. 😉

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    • I don’t think I would have DARED comment on my mother’s clothes..I remember she went through a phase when she thought the “under things” were so pretty and matchy (bras and panties) that she wore them as bikinis-!!!! Talk about embarrassing your kids! 😱 Of course nothing beat my husband insisting compression shorts (under-armor) were actual shorts when they first came out. He wore them to the breakfast buffet with a sweatshirt to get my coffee and toast at a Springhill suites!! OHHHHMGOSH!! 😧I’ll never forget coming out of the shower and seeing him standing there in his underpants with my breakfast..all I could say was “where have you been??? Did you go somewhere to get that????” 😳

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      • LOL – great stories!!! The shoes sound pretty tame now. My mom started coloring her own hair and somehow got a color that turned out orange. She decided she liked it. I thought it was hideous and didn’t comment on it. I waited until she EVENTUALLY went to a tamer color and commented on how I liked that better. She did not employ the same tact with me however. lol

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  4. I agree with your other readers. Age is a much more fluid concept than it used to be — and anyway, the only person who gets to judge your appearance is YOU. So go back and buy yourself those shoes! 😀

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    • 👍 You know what else is interesting? All the hippies are starting to retire..I see them here..and they definitely are channeling the old days..longer earrings, flowing skirts, flip-flops….so yeah, it’s a much less judgmental fashion environment.

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  5. Wow, I can’t think of a single person who is too old or too young for those shoes. You should see some of mine….

    Then again…I dress pretty young. It makes me smile…and I’m the only one who needs to be happy with my clothes, as long as the 3Bs are covered (Bellies, Boobs, and Butts) pretty much anything goes in my world!

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