Yes, yes I did.


"GNOMEO AND JULIET" (L-R) Gnomeo, Juliet, Featherstone ©2010 Touchstone Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

Let’s face it, the world of lawn ornaments is split between the gnomes and the flamingos.  Personally, it has been easy for me to remain neutral in this nasty conflict because look at them..they are all ugly- and tacky -and yet…there I was paying $6 for a twin pack of flamingos last Friday at the Home Depot.

After all these years I finally cast my lot.

Just as an aside, it took me quite a while to choose my birds as many of these poor creatures have misplaced black eyeballs. Regardless of the fact that there are perfectly round indentations within which to paint a simple black dot, many ‘flamingo craftsmen’ clearly do not take pride in their work and missed their marks- often by miles!  Surely the US government has a department that regulates plastic flamingo

So anyway, I brought these two pink ladies home with me and put them out by my front door so they could greet each guest as they arrived for last week-end’s birthday luau. It really added a nice tropical touch, especially with leis draped around their necks.  But now that the party’s over, I have these two creatures just hanging around out there on my porch and I’m not sure what to do with them.

I really don’t want to be “that mom” who buys the cute baby chicks at Easter and two weeks later gives them to the teenager next door with the pet snake. No, these flamingos lived up to their end of the bargain and I’m not going to just sell them for 5 cents at a garage sale only to have them wind up all dented and muddy, tossed in a dilapidated shed and featured in some sad commercial with music that makes you cry.  Nor do I have the heart to toss them into the recycling bin…I mean I did mention that these things have eyes!

And while I do feel responsible here, make no mistake,  I won’t be putting these two lovelies in my garden either…   seriously, what would the neighbors think??

So yeah…   ideas? flamingoes


  1. Where I grew up in Rhode Island, there was a specific house that we would purposefully drive by because of their flamingo scenes. Every few weeks these flamingos (probably 12 of them) would be poised in a fashion related to a holiday or some celebratory fashion. I remember seeing them set up playing football (in outfits and everything). Since they have eyes, maybe then can pierce the souls of your neighbors with laughter. Perhaps they could be dressed up BBQ-ing. Perhaps sunbathing. Whatever the case, I’m sure you’ll bring smiles to those around you.

    Heck, mysteriously put them on someone’s lawn with a sign “I’m 50 today”. 😉

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    • 👍well thank-you! And I thought of our previous, in-depth, conversation about meat as I slaved over the bar-b-que last week-end. I made “flap” steak for the first time EVER..heavily marinated, sliced on the bias, a nice pinky-red was delicious! Have you ever heard of that cut?


      • Liked it much better than flank, less fatty than skirt..cut nicely into strips with my sharp knife. I had torn out a cook’s magazine article about best beef for marinating and bar-b-cue years ago..and never tried it until last week. Surprisingly, our grocer had this cut right in the case. 👍 let me know if you try it.🍴


  2. Love it! I too, was imagining seasonal scenes on the front lawn featuring your fine non-feathered, plastic friends. Didn’t know if you’d be into all that work for what it would reap. You could also do trashy redneck scenes with them tipped over and beer cans littering the ground around them. A murder scene? Just some ideas. 😉
    I also like how you took them with you on your errands and no one commented on them. I can’t even get through the Walmart line without someone commenting on my purchases.

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