Stop Living Out Your Disappointment

Convicting and motivating at the same time!

Dream Big, Dream Often

I had a thought several weeks ago as I thought about life and how we process and deal with failure.  Every human being has experienced setbacks, failures and disappointments.  But sometimes particular events stick with us and have a more profound impact on our confidence and mentality.

My thoughts have been stuck on disappointment.  I want every one of my readers to be very careful in how they process disappointing events.

IMG_7064Disappointment should be a moment in time, an event, not a lifestyle!  I have the belief that many people do not move forward because they are too busy living out past disappointments and failures.  Disappointment becomes a life for some and I want to warn against this mindset.

Simply stated, let the past be the past.  Disappointment is an event not a lifestyle.

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  1. I posted this on my Facebook wall yesterday:

    We have a past, a present, and a future.

    Too often we spend too much time focusing on our past. Our past friendships, relationships, things etc. Those things were in our life for a reason, but have since left.

    We serve a God who is the God who “was, is, and is to come.” When he came to us, if we truly accepted Him, then as we move and progress with Him we learn to set the things of our past aside and move forward.

    We serve a very present tense God. He lives in the present more so than the past, as evidenced by “is and is to come.” There is only one mention of a past (was).

    So look up today. Live in your is… And look forward to your “is to come.” Even if you feel broken, even if you feel like you only have pieces… Live in your is and is to come.

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