Tectonic Shifts


Plate tectonics  is the scientific theory that describes large-scale motion of the earth’s lithosphere. When massive plates within the earth’s crust suddenly move and grind up against each other, they unleash tremendous energy.  The resulting, potentially cataclysmic, earthquakes forever change the shape of whatever existed before.

I can’t help but visualize this phenomenon as I contemplate  the massive migrations that are taking place all over the globe right now as millions of people  flee poverty, war (ISIS) and persecution. I was especially struck by a video I saw about people washing ashore on the Greek island of Lesvos.


At less than 700 square miles, Lesvos is the third largest of the Greek Islands. Since January, over a thousand refugees a month have arrived on just this one island leaving life vests and punctured rafts piled high along its pristine shoreline.  The refugees are coming from Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and other countries.  Their ultimate goal is to reach Germany, France, the Netherlands or eventually the United States.


Greece, which is buckling under the weight of it’s own collapsed economy, is finding it impossible to handle this additional crisis. The Greeks, many of whom depend on tourism for a living, have become increasingly distressed and angry about the worsening situation.


The homeless immigrants themselves are restless and turning on their reluctant “hosts.” One government official said Greece will be dealing with the financial and social fall out of this continuing exodus for the next thirty years- if not forever.


Can you feel it…that shifting under your feet? Sometimes it seems as if the whole world is experiencing tremors.  The scale of this  unprecedented movement of human populations can only be described as tectonic.




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