I spy on I-95!


So I’m driving on the Interstate last Monday singing away to Billy Joel playing on the radio. I’ve got the seat heater on level 3 to ward off my sciatica, my darkest sunglasses propped on my nose to minimize the accumulation of additional wrinkles and an ice cold Pepsi to wash down some Advil in case my back starts to act up.

I press on the accelerator as I move into the left lane to pass a big truck in front of me.

And then, just as I pass the cab, Β I hear it.. a bellowing horn- honk, honk, honking.

As I return to the right lane, I glance in my rear view mirror and see the truck’s flashing headlights.

I immediately check my gauges..

sniff for smoke..

scan for cops..

feel for a flat..

what could be wrong?!

What is he warning me about?

And then it suddenly dawns on me..by golly, I just got “beeped!”

Holy cow, it’s been so long I forgot that truckers do beep at girls sometimes.. and I guess more mature women too!

I had to laugh.

Poor guy..

he’s probably 65..

delirious from fatigue..

high on meds….

possibly a pervert?

and then I thought no…Β NO!!!

This is MY road trip (darn it!!) and I get to cast whomever I want in this trucker role..

which I promptly did..


..and then got back to my singing. πŸ˜›


    • HAHA! Did you see that old Billy (65?) and his 30 something year old girlfriend are expecting a baby??? ew.. but hey, good luck to them! πŸŽ‰ Personally, I cannot imagine starting all over..it’s hard enough to sleep through the night at my age without a baby! πŸΌπŸ’€

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