Well that didn’t take long…

Sure enough, within days of the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, I saw a headline calling for all churches that  refuse to perform gay weddings to lose their tax exempt status.

Well that didn’t take long.

Seems there’s a trademark on love™ and rainbows™ right now and if you’re a pastor who won’t perform same sex marriages, well you must be for hate and hailstorms.  Forget about the separation of church and state, the ‘thought police’ want to crank out the long arm of the IRS and dip it right into the haters’ collection basket.

Yeah..that’s Christians all right, nothing but money-hungry haters. You know those haters at my church who feed the poor a hot meal every week and run a free food pantry for those who have no groceries at home. Those bigoted, Christian haters who collect gifts to hand out to the farm workers’ kids at Christmas and who drive to Appalachia to  fix leaking roofs and replace broken porches; those same selfish souls who use their vacation days to fly medical supplies to Haiti.  The intolerant haters who deliver dinners to new mothers, the sick and the elderly and sit for hours with those who would otherwise die in the hospital all alone..yes, those same foul haters who fight human traffickers and quietly slip gas cards and words of encouragement to those who have nothing left in their ‘tanks’, haters who welcome everyone, every day to our church and consider no one better or more “holy” than anyone else… you know, the haters depicted in this repulsive cartoon that I saw online.  Yeah…that is so us.


My husband and I had to search long and hard for a pastor willing to marry us back in the 80’s because of our different denominations and personal beliefs. Yes, we faced rejection before we found our minister, but I never dreamed of going into any church, slamming my fist on the altar and demanding key tenets be changed so that we could be wed.

Choosing a church for a wedding shouldn’t be confused with choosing a venue for a reception. It’s about so much more than seating capacity and how the light streams through the stained glass at 6pm; it’s about establishing deeply personal relationships and receiving spiritual guidance for life.

If you don’t agree with a church, mosque or synagogue’s doctrine- by all means, don’t attend!  If same sex marriage is YOUR litmus test for choosing a religious home base, that’s A-OK!! ..after all, where you worship is YOUR choice!

The United Church of Christ, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and The Presbyterian Church (USA) all perform same sex marriages. The Episcopal Church is set to perform them soon with other denominations sure to follow.  But will it ever be enough?  Is all of this vitriol and ugly finger pointing really about helping gay couples find churches that will marry them… or is it about activists wanting to destroy the churches that won’t?

Respect for deeply held convictions must go both ways.


    • If it gets to that point, I’m sure there are churches that will “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” The sad truth is though that the needy will suffer if outreach is cut back due to lack of funds.

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      • Given the amount that most churches devote to the needy, or anywhere else other than their own buildings and salaries, I somehow doubt that is the reason they hold on to tax exempt status. Was in inner city ministry and missions too long to believe that.

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      • Oh, I see some beautiful mega churches on TV..so I get what you’re saying. We have never been drawn to those..one of our churches was an old movie theater when we lived in the Florida Keys 🐬


      • Well, do you know the percentage of your church’s ‘revenue’ that is given to missions and the needy in your area?

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      • I could walk into the office today and ask for the figures..I have seen the numbers, including salaries, posted before. But the bottom line is still this, if every single church lost their tax exempt status today, I’m not sure it would satisfy those who are calling for it. Whether it’s at Charlie Hebdo or the local parish, there are those who simply cannot tolerate ideas or beliefs that run contrary to theirs. I re-tweeted the portrait of Mary made with elephant poop today as a case in point. Is it something I would want to buy? No. Am I going to call for the artist to have his paintbrushes confiscated?..umm no.


  1. We’ve somehow reached a point where when people disagree with our beliefs, it has to equate to disrespect and hatred. An acquaintance on Facebook put it well, though I can’t quite recall his words and he’s since deleted them. He said something along the lines of hating the sin and not the sinner, and the fact that every single one of us lives in some way opposite of what Jesus wants us to live. And yet we are loved completely in spite of ourselves. It’s our job to figure out how to treat each other the same way.

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