food truck

Every Monday, the town we live in hosts local food trucks in the park. People come with their lawn chairs and blankets to enjoy dinner under the setting sun. I’ll admit I was pretty leery about eating food prepared in a truck until I gave it a try… My son and his wife had a charming donut truck at their outdoor wedding reception instead of a traditional cake and everyone loved it, including me!


Most of these trucks are run by families who put a lot of love and pride into their culinary venture on wheels. My daughter and I shared sausage and peppers from the Italian truck and barbecued ribs with a side of mac and cheese from the Southern Wings truck.  There was Mexican, Greek, Seafood, a pastry and ice cream truck..You name it, they had it! YUMMY!!!

Food trucks..who knew it could be so good?


  1. I love food trucks and think this is a brilliant idea for a small town. It is like getting new restaurants in your town once a week. Also love the donut food truck at the wedding. Would have been a hit I am sure!

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    • I think it’s a great idea too..but as much as the downtown shops and bars probably love the influx of people on a Monday night, I’m betting the restaurants don’t. (The park is within easy walking distance) The food really was excellent!

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