“Styling” your coffee table

coffee table

According to designer Phoebe Howard of Southern Living magazine, there’s a four step formula to arranging a coffee table. (yes, four)  You need #1, something tall, #2, one oddball conversation piece (see white antlers above-ha!), #3, Something fresh like ivy or fresh cut flowers and #4, a stack of books.  I know, I know..the men are scratching their heads. I can hear my husband already howling over the fake antlers and asking where on earth he’s supposed to put his feet..and I get it. He has his own 4 ‘must haves’ on a coffee table..#1, a classic, black channel changer, #2, a neat stack of today’s mail, #3, a tall glass of cold beer #4 a beautiful bowl of fresh nachos. 👍


  1. Hilarious! I can’t imagine the antlers ever! No matter what the size of the table… I always thought it was sets of 3 or odd numbers when decorating… like 3 piles of stuff as it would be in our house. I always wonder if anyone ever looks at those books on the table?!

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