Oh Mr. Sun!

photo credit: emptynestinsider.blogspot.com



Should not have re-tweeted that picture of the girl with the skin cancer treatment scarring her face… should not have even looked at it! I won’t be able to sleep for ten days. And it just so happens that I had my check up with the dermatologist yesterday as well. Nothing like a grotesque skin cancer picture to ponder on the way to your annual exam.1711


My poor doctor was running an hour behind. The people in her waiting room were fussing and griping, especially the old folks. One guy next to me, probably well into his eighties, growled about wasting “a whole hour of his life.”

Geesh, we are so spoiled..

Anyway, I (of course) had to have a few things zapped off..nothing requiring even a bandaid. I am grateful every time I leave that place without anything major being done because heaven knows I did my share of laying around in the sun as a teenager. I guess I’m lucky that tanning beds were not popular when I was young.. I’m not sure they even existed back in the day. Just looking at this poor girl in the tweet and all she is now dealing with as a result of her hours baking in “thecolor-tan-bed-cancer-web bed” makes me very sad. It was all so avoidable.

But back to my dermatologist… my gosh, I could never do her job.  If that girl on twitter walked into my office with that crusty stuff all over her face, I’d have to run to the bathroom to get ahold of myself before I could even treat her. You cannot be a reassuring doctor if you’re dry heaving into your latex glove. (“No really Miss. Nesbit, I’m sure it’s nothing serious..hang on a minute…BLAAACH! “)  I give my sweet, caring, hearty dermatologist all the credit in the world..and yes, complete forgiveness for running so late.

I waltzed out of the office with a prescription, some samples of “miracle cream” and another whopping bill. Frankly, at this point in my life I’m more than happy leaving my money in their front office; it sure beats leaving a skin “sample” behind for further examination in their lab.

When I arrived back at the house, I called out for my daughter who was home early from school as it was a half day. She wasn’t in her room… or in the kitchen… or watching TV..

Nope, she was out on the back patio, in her bathing suit, soaking up the hot Florida sun.


photo credit: vivaglammagazine.com

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