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Having just returned from a wine festival, I got to wondering about the etiquette involved in pouring wine for guests. (Maybe it was receiving so many sample sized sips that triggered my curiosity..haha!)  I never really had a firm idea of how far to fill up the glasses which can themselves vary quite a bit in size.  I also didn’t know whether you pour the same amount for white and red. Thanks to the internet this is what I discovered: When pouring white and rose, you fill the glass 1/3rd full..or about 3oz. Red, on the other hand, goes half way up, or about 4oz.  The idea is to leave enough room for swirling the wine (to release the bouquet) without splashing it over the rim… Champagne is measured at approx. 4 oz, or 3/4 of the way up the fluted glass.

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