12 Choices, the follow-up

nhs-choiceSo it’s been over a week since I posted the list of 12 choices designed to reduce stress and improve over-all quality of life. The list originally appeared in a tweet by Edutopia, and I re-printed it here April 6th.

I’ll admit I paid more attention to some of the choices than others, not necessarily because they were more important, but just because they seemed to better apply to what was going on in my life.

Choice #3, choosing to be mindful, was a “go” this past week as I went out of my way to do a yoga DVD my friend had Yoga-posesent me. I’ll admit that while the poses were challenging, I did feel pretty wonderful afterwards. I also committed to pray and read my daily devotional before my feet hit the ground in the morning.  I had gotten in such a rut about this, I decided that the only way to remember and be intentional and focused, was to take care of it first thing after waking..before anything else. This has really worked out great and sets the tone for the entire day.

Choices #7, choose what to overlook, and #8, choose the battles worth fighting, were biggies for me as I was confronted with more than a few situations I could have gotten righteously angry over. In each of those cases, I made mindful (difficult) choices to brush the experience off like dirt on the bottom of my shoe…walk away…and choose angry_smiley_face_sticker-rdb9840cc8c9143d9b36f9d641c6dd56c_v9waf_8byvr_512peace instead.

Choice # 11, creating schedules and priorities is the main thing I am focused on right now. As much as I love writing this blog, I have let a few things slide because of it. To rectify this, I am going to post Monday through Friday and not on week-ends.

I refer to the list of 12 choices once a day as a reminder to try and create balance and harmony in my life.  I am hoping that many of the choices will eventually become habits and that I, as well as those around me, will be better off for my having adopted them..

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