A hundred so called friends


Yesterday I read the tragic story of an intoxicated girl who was accosted on a Florida beach by up to four college guys. What makes this awful story even more incredibly offensive is that it happened in broad daylight, during a big Spring Break party, in plain view of hundreds of young beach-goers, a few of whom even took out their cell phones to tape the “event.”

There are so many outrageous sides to this story, but what hits you right in the gut is how physically close the other kids were to this girl who was lying unconscious on the sand being raped. It’s amazing people didn’t trip over her.

I am going tofacebook-friends295896_295698723775338_100000056392831_1258021_470870572_n assume that most of these kids, including the girl being assaulted, have a Facebook page with hundreds of Facebook friends prominently listed. Maybe this girl came to the beach with some of those very same  ” friends.”

Well, what happened to those friends? Where were they? Did they abandon her, or were they right there? What was going on in the minds of all those bystanders? Why didn’t anyone, not one girl.. not one guy… make any effort to intervene..or simply dial 911 on their cell phone?

For a generation that eagerly counts how many of their “so called friends” wish them a happy birthday on Facebook each year, they sure can’t seem to count on each other for much else.

#bring back our conscience.

#bring back true friendship.





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